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Book your move in date today at Clearwater Storage Units and get your first month’s storage free. Clearwater Storage Units is Clearwater’s premier provider of storage vaults; the most innovative storage solution on the market today. Our signature Concierge Vault Storage Service offers a storage solution that is efficient, affordable, eco friendly and that takes all the stress and hard work of storing your belongings out of your hands.

Yes, our staff will come drop off, load, and then store your vault!

Advantage of Storage Vaults VS Traditional Storage Units

Vault storage is a unique way to keep your items stowed away and is the perfect answer to your storage needs. Whether you are moving to a new home, remodeling your current home, or simply trying to declutter without getting rid of your things, trust Clearwater Storage to pack and protect your cherished belongings. Your possessions will be stored in a temperature-controlled environment to mitigate damage, unlike container storage units. Vault storage offers many advantages over the traditional ways of metal storage containers. You can trust that your belongings are safe and secure in a vault.

Storage Vaults

  • Vaults are wooden, eco-friendly crates, that are 5’x8’x7 feet tall (280 cubic feet) of storage space.

  • Vaults are delivered to your location and packed by professionals to maximize the use of your storage space.

  • Don’t break your back packing and moving! We will do the heavy lifting for you! Just tell us what you want to be packed up and we will take care of the rest!

  • Each unit is moisture and heat resistant, which offers your possessions the most protection and ensures your belongings are preserved during seasonal climate changes.

  • Storage vaults are kept in a secured, temperature-controlled warehouse that is only accessible to our trusted employees.

  • Your belongings are not kept where just anyone could walk by and cut the lock to access.

  • Your items are wrapped, packed, and secure inside the vault before being sealed closed for additional protection.

Tradition Storage Unit

  • Metal containers are usually larger in size (20 foot or 40-foot options) so you are forced to pay for wasted space you are not using.

  • You have to load your things in the container and usually do not get the maximum use of the available storage space.

  • You have to pack your things, which leaves you to do all the heavy lifting or try to bribe your friends with beer and pizza to help.

  • Because metal units are usually kept outside, they are subject to the heat and cold and therefore, condensation, mold, and deterioration of your belongings.

  • Storage containers are kept outside in the elements and leave your personal belongings vulnerable to damage and destruction from heat (especially in metal boxes!) and cold.

  • Only our trusted, vetted employees will have access at your request. If you need to retrieve something you can just ask for it!

  • Not only do you have to lift and move your items, you also have to wrap your belongings and supply moving blankets, bubble wrap, newspaper, securing straps, etc.

When would you use Storage Vaults?

Storage vaults are ideal for long-term storage as they are not accessible 24/7 so keep that in mind when deciding what to store away. Consider using them to store your seasonal décor, when you are in between moves, or if you have special items you wish to hold on to and keep in the family. If you have items that you know you will want to take out sooner than others, let our employees know so they can pack and organize those items accordingly. The vaults are large enough to hold your larger household items such as refrigerators, king sized mattresses and bed frames, sofas, washers and dryers, and more. With a load capacity of 2,000 pounds, one vault can handle a majority of your objects. The 280 cubic feet of storage space is enough to hold the furniture of two average rooms. Two vaults can fit in one parking space so you won’t have to worry about bothering the neighbors or borrowing their spot while your packing is being done. If you need to store more, you can add another container! It’s that easy to adjust and get the perfect amount of storage space for your needs.

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Yes, our staff will come drop off, load, and then store your vault!

The Green Choice

Unlike storage containers which are made of metal and typically stored outside either on your own property, or a huge lot of concrete and asphalt, storage vaults are eco-friendly wooden containers that won’t sit for countless years in a landfill after they are done being used.
The vaults are kept in a warehouse, stacked and stored via forklift to make the most of the available space in the warehouse. There is no need to expand horizontally, clearing more land for asphalt lots since the vaults are stacked.
Green for the environment, Green for your pocket! Since vaults are not the usual 20 or 40 foot shipping container sizes, you only pay for the space you need! You don’t need to worry about trying to cram all of your things into the smaller choice container to try to save money knowing that you don’t need the extra 20 feet of space in the larger option unit. When you use a storage vault, you order the space you need and don’t pay for space you aren’t going to use. Our employees use the maximum amount of your 280 cubic foot unit, giving you the most bang for your buck.

We are Proud to be a Part of Clearwater, Florida

It’s our name! Located in Pinellas County, Clearwater is known for its beaches, shopping, live entertainment, and dining. Clearwater is bursting with entertainment whether you are looking for family fun, or a night on the town, there is something for everyone here. Beyond the industry side, Clearwater has some of the most peaceful views as our beautiful city sits right on the Gulf of Mexico with Old Tampa Bay to the Southeast. We have been voted Florida’s Best Beach Town, 25 Best Beaches in the USA, Top 10 Beach in the World, and more.

We are honored to contribute to the legacy of this amazing town by offering top of the line services to you for your storage needs. When you decide that vault storage is the right choice for your needs, trust Clearwater Storage to pack, store, and care for your things. Life is hectic enough. Let us do the lifting and packing for you.


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When would you use Storage Vaults?

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