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Our Concierge Service Takes The Stress Out Of Storage.

Storing your belongings is a task that is rarely associated with high levels of service and convenience; until now. Clearwater Storage Units are changing the face of long term storage with their Concierge Vault Storage Service. Gone are the days of packing up and hauling your belongings to an outdoor, garage-style self-storage facility or occupying valuable space on your driveway with an unsightly metal storage container. 

Clearwater Storage is now offering their signature Concierge Vault Storage Service to take all the stress and hassle out of storing your belongings, leaving you to get on with your life.

Let Us Add A Little Luxury To Your Storage Experience.  

When you become a Concierge Vault Storage Service client, we guarantee exceptional service and professionalism at every step of the process.

From the moment you contact our local Clearwater location until your belongings are safely stored in our climate-controlled storage facility, you can count on a storage experience that takes all of the stress and strain out of your hands and delivers peace of mind and the assurance of a job well done.

Once you have experienced the luxury of our Concierge Storage Vault Service, we are confident that you will never go back to the traditional methods of storage.

What Our Concierge Vault Storage Service Offers.

A Full-Service Experience.

Your concierge experience begins with an accurate, no hidden fees quote from one of our expert storage consultants. Once you have selected the date of service, your job is done! 

No lifting, wrapping, packing or loading will be required on your part. 

Our team will arrive at your home or business with your storage vaults, packing, and protection supplies, and the manpower needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

All you have to do is relax and know that your belongings will be treated with the highest levels of care and will be safely stored in our climate-controlled, fully secure storage facility until you need them again. 

Perfect Solution For Every Storage Need.

Clearwater Storage vaults offer a flexible and efficient solution for any storage challenge.

Storage space can be customized to accommodate clients who are:

  • undergoing home renovations
  • downsizing a business
  • working overseas
  • in between homes
  • storing seasonal items
  • safekeeping family heirlooms for future generations.

Whatever your storage needs are, our concierge team is ready to take on the challenge and provide a full service, customized solution.

An Efficient, Space Saving System.

Clearwater Storage Units’ vaults are perfectly sized to fit your storage needs. Each wooden vault measures 5’x8’x7’ and has a storage capacity of 280 cubic feet. Their convenient size makes it easy to calculate how many storage vaults you will need. 

There is no need to rent a large, metal storage container that will, most likely, have dead or unfilled space that you have to pay for. Should you under or overestimate how many vaults you need,  our Concierge Vault Storage Service also allows you to add or delete vaults as needed.

A Controlled Environment For Your Belongings. 

Storing your belongings at a traditional self-storage facility, or in a large metal container comes with many environmental risk factors. Many self-storage units are not air-conditioned and your furniture, clothing, and appliances may be exposed to extremes in temperature as well as damp conditions. Infestations of rodents or insects can also be a factor. Large metal storage units are often stored outdoors, leaving your possessions at even greater risk of being damaged by high and low temperatures.

Clearwater Storage Units always stores our vaults inside our temperature controlled warehouses, thus eliminating the risk of damage from fluctuating temperatures. In addition, each unit is moisture resistant, meaning that you can have complete confidence that your valuables will be returned to you in perfect condition.

A Guarantee Of Safety and Security.

Your belongings have both monetary and sentimental value. When you entrust those belongings to us, we take the responsibility very seriously. 

From start to finish, we will treat your possessions with the utmost care. 

During the vault packing process, we will wrap, pad, and protect your items to ensure that they do not sustain any damage during loading, moving, or storage. A full inventory will be made so you can rest assured that all items are accounted for.

Your vault will be stored at our private, fully secured warehouse. Access to our warehouse is limited to our fully trained, professional staff.  No need to worry about a metal container being broken into on your driveway or on an outdoor storage lot.  Our private warehouse means that your storage vault will never be stored in a public access area where locks can be cut and possessions were stolen. Peace of mind is priceless, and it is what you can expect with our Concierge Vault Storage Service.

Storage Vaults: The Cutting Edge Of Environmentally Friendly Storage.

Clearwater Storage Units are proud to be leaders in the eco-friendly storage movement. Our storage vaults are constructed from high quality, decomposable wood. Unlike large metal containers, wooden storage vaults are fully recyclable and renewable. Vaults are fully cleaned and sanitized after use and can be reused over and over. Our Concierge Storage Vault Service also stores vaults in an environmentally responsible manner. The efficient, compact size and shape of our vaults allows them to be stacked one on top of another, thus making better use of vertical storage space and reducing the footprint of our warehouses.

Proud To Be A Member Of The Clearwater Community.

Clearwater Storage Units is your hometown choice for longterm, concierge vault storage. The beautiful city of Clearwater is our home and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of storage service to our neighbors and fellow Floridians. 

When your life plans call for storing your belongings, let us help! Our Concierge Storage Vault Service is ready to take on all your packing, loading, unloading, and storage challenges; leaving you free to focus on your important life events.

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