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Free Storage in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Storage Units, the premier providers of Concierge Storage Vaults in the Clearwater area, is pleased to announce that we are offering a free month of storage with move in. Now, for a limited time, when you book your move-in date, your first month of storage rental is on us. At Clearwater Storage Units, we know that the expense and stress of moving your belongings into storage can be challenging. That is why we believe that the convenience of our Concierge Vault Storage Service along with the cost savings of receiving your first month free is a winning combination for our clients.

What is Vault Storage?

When you need to store your belongings in the Clearwater area, you have a number of options from self-storage units to storage pods to the garages of friends and families. Now there is a better option for those who require a higher level of service and a safe and secure environment for storing their belongings; Clearwater Concierge Storage Vaults

When you choose Clearwater Storage Units as your storage solution, our team will come to your location, carefully wrap and pack your belongings into our unique wood storage vaults, and transport the packed vaults to our secure storage facility. Your belongings will be safe and protected until you tell us you are ready to retrieve them.

What Exactly Is A Storage Vault?

A storage vault is a sealed and secured wooden storage container, measuring 7 feet high x 5 feet wide x 7feet long. A storage vault, when properly packed, can typically hold the contents of an average room. The standard size of storage vaults makes it easy to estimate how many you will need to store your belongings. Because storage vaults are constructed from high quality, decomposable wood they are an environmentally sound method of storage. All of our vaults are fully recyclable and renewable, making them a greener choice than metal storage units. Our vaults are fully cleaned and sanitized after use and we reuse them over and over. The standard size and shape of storage vaults make them easy to stack on top of each other during storage, thus reducing the footprint of the facility in which they are stored.

Who Might Use Vault Storage?

Vault storage is the perfect storage solution for anybody who is:

  • storing seasonal items.
  • moving overseas for a period of time.
  • downsizing a business venture.
  • undergoing house renovations.
  • between homes.
  • storing heirlooms for family members.

If you fall into any of these categories, call us today and let our concierge team provide your full service, customized storage solution. Be sure to ask about our first month free offer!

What You Can Expect From Clearwater Storage Units’ Concierge Vault Storage Service.

We believe that what makes our concierge service special is the touch of luxury we bring to your packing and storage experience. Say goodbye to the days of messy and exhausting sorting, wrapping, loading, and hauling. Say hello to Clearwater Storage Units and our hassle-free concierge service.

Full-Service Packing And Storage.

When we say full service, we mean exactly that. Once you have spoken to one of our friendly and helpful associates and booked your move-in date; you are done! Our concierge team will arrive at your location fully equipped with all the wooden storage vaults, packing materials, and manpower needed to complete the job. All you will be required to do is relax knowing that our experienced team is treating your belongings with the utmost care as they inventory, wrap, pack and then transport your packed vaults to our climate-controlled, secure storage facility.

A Safe And Secure Environment For Your Stored Belongings.

Unfortunately, when you store your belongings in a self-storage facility or in a metal storage container, you are running the risk that they will be damaged by environmental factors or even stolen. Self-storage facilities are not always air-conditioned and your appliances, clothing, and furniture could be damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures or by damp conditions.

Large metal storage units are typically stored outdoors, leaving your belongings even more exposed to extreme seasonal temperatures. Outdoor storage also increases the risk of your storage unit being broken into and your belongings being stolen.

When you choose Clearwater Storage Units, you can rest assured knowing that all of our vaults are stored indoors at our temperature-controlled warehouse and that your belongings will not be exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Our storage facility is fully secured and access is strictly limited to our vault storage professionals. We guarantee that your vaults will never be opened without your knowledge and permission and that your belongings will not be tampered with.

The Best Value For Your Storage Dollars.

Because Clearwater Storage Unit vaults are of a standard size and shape, it is easy for your concierge service team to calculate how many will be needed to store your belongings.

Our full-service team also has a lot of experience with packing vaults, so they know how to make the most efficient use of every inch of space, thus reducing the number of storage vaults needed to get the job done. 

In the event that we over or underestimate the number of vaults needed, our Concierge Vault Storage Service allows you to add or delete vaults so that you only pay for the storage space you are using. There is no need to pay for feet of unused space, as can be the case with large, metal containers or traditional storage units. Add to this our first month free storage offer, and we are confident that our Concierge Vault Storage delivers the best value for your storage dollars in Clearwater.

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