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What are storage Vaults and what can you store in them?

You are probably familiar with hard structure storage units or the other portable storage containers that are delivered to your home for self storage use. What you might not know about is another storage solution; storage vaults. So, what are they?
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Storage Vaults are an alternative way to keep your belongings safe. They are wooden crates, often referred to as storage lockers, that are used to stow away your household or office items in a climate-controlled warehouse. These vaults are eco-friendly, durable, safe and secure, and perfectly sized at 280 cubic feet to meet all of your storage needs. The moisture and heat resistant lockers are built to preserve your possessions as long as you want them stored away. From wooden furniture to mattresses, clothes or other clothlike materials, firearms, electronics, jewelry and treasured family heirlooms you can trust that your things will be just as you left them when you see them again. For added protection, your property is wrapped before our team packs them and secures the unit. Whether you are looking for long term or short term storage, a vault is the right choice for you.

Standard 5’x8’x7 feet tall

Plywood bottom, top and sides

Sturdy wood plank framing

Vaults can hold up to 2,000 lbs

Lumber skid block base for bracing and lifting via forklift

Outer plywood top, bottom and sides are stapled and glued to framing and bracing

Constructed for secure and stable stacking

Ready to Get Started?

Over 10,000 Vaults sanitized, ready for the next storage demand in Clearwater Florida. We are a phone call away. Full Service. 

*Free First Month of Storage with your Move In
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